Case Study: iGoDigital

iGoDigital, A Salesforce Company

About The Client

iGoDigital drives smarter retail through its suite of web-based commerce tools designed to personalize every customer interaction. Powered by its Customer Intelligence Engine, iGoDigital delivers accurate, predictive and actionable real-time product recommendation tools that guide shoppers through a personalized, multi-channel shopping experience. iGoDigital currently serves many of the world's most successful and respected brands, including Best Buy, Walmart, Nokia, Cisco, and Dell and was twice named to the “Inc 500” of the fastest growing private companies.

Project Goal

iGoDigital connected with us to help them perform a post-mortem on a skunkworks project.

Project Timeline



We worked with iGoDigital to perform an initial post-mortem on a skunkworks project. They then engaged us to plan and execute on a new product. That project was eventually expanded to be an integration of all of their existing products into a single interface.

Eliza Brock Software was instrumental in helping to extend our products to mid market customers. She and her team are knowledgable, hard working, and well organized. At times we put extraordinary pressure on her team to meet fairly unreasonable deadlines, and each time they buckled down and came through for us. Eliza’s approach to project management, software architecture, and user behavior driven development result in best-of-breed web applications.
— Rick Thomas, Product Manager