Case Study: Kindful


About The Client

Kindful is a donor management platform. It enriches a clients existing donor database with engagement metrics and lifetime value as well as providing donors control over their giving. Kindful features a Dashboard, a Donorfeed, Donor Profiles, Online Fundraising, and Data Integration.

Project Goal

Kindful came to us as they were leaving their previous development shop. They were looking for a local development shop that could get them out of some technical difficulties and help them develop an in-house development team.

Project Timeline

2013 - 2014


We started by stabilizing Kindful's codebase and moving them to a more reliable hosting provider. From there, we implemented a number of mission critical features for them that allowed them to bring on new clientele. From there, we implemented a large refactor's to allow Kindful to grow with more clients, as well as a number of mission critical features and production support. We also assisted them in interviewing, and later mentoring, an in-house development team. This is a major accomplishment since Kindful started out with no technical staff whatsoever. We continue to work on challenging features and mentoring of their team.