What My Clients Say:

Eliza Brock Software was instrumental in helping to extend our products to mid market customers. She and her team are knowledgable, hard working, and well organized. At times we put extraordinary pressure on her team to meet fairly unreasonable deadlines, and each time they buckled down and came through for us. Eliza’s approach to project management, software architecture, and user behavior driven development result in best-of-breed web applications.
— Rick Thomas, iGoDigital
We have had the pleasure of working with Eliza on a number of client projects. Each time we work with Eliza she proves herself able to integrate seamlessly as an asset to the team. It is always a pleasure to work with her.
— Adam Lowe, Hashrocket
We hired Eliza Brock Software to conduct a technical interview for our software development company in April 2012. After an initial call to gather requirements for the kind of candidate we were seeking, Eliza completed the technical portion of the interview with our applicant in a professional and timely manner. Her process of quickly identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant has been invaluable to our Company, and lead us to hiring a great team member. I’d recommend Eliza’s services to any company looking to complete a professional and thorough technical interview.
— Alexander Last, SportsHedge
In my entrepreneurial software ventures I often have a need to hire a developer but don’t have the technical knowledge to assess whether the person is capable of the technical requirements of the position. On several occasions I have hired Eliza to conduct technical interviews for my businesses. Her interview services have been highly professional, and her objective assessments have been extremely valuable to me and my businesses in making hiring decisions.
— David Castor, Alerding Castor Hewitt LLP
Eliza Brock Software is quickly becoming our go-to programmer for Sitemason development. It’s the perfect complement to the design side of our partnerships for the Sitemason CMS platform. When HTML/CSS needs to be programmed as a PHP template for our CMS, there is no one better to do the job quickly and completely. The added benefit of having Eliza Brock Software is Eliza’s thorough understanding of the Sitemason CMS and the best uses of the CMS tools. She can help the stakeholders in a development project understand the most effective approach for optimal results.
— Thomas Conner, Sitemason
Eliza is a talented developer and trained on the best practices in the web development world. She can probably get as much done for you as 3 developers could working together. I briefly worked with Eliza on the same project, and know her from the Nashville Ruby community.
— Josh Crews, Ruby on Rails Developer
Eliza was the primary developer for internal/operational web projects during her time at Metova. She took our payment services from a concept to a production system, maintaining development while taking on the role of production support. She tackled a Sisyphean list of priorities and expectations, and came out with a system which met customer expectations and greatly increased the value of Metova’s offerings as a professional services company. She provided a fresh perspective on new technology issues we encountered, and worked diligently to overcome any obstacles.
— Dave Lane, Metova
Eliza’s enthusiasm and deep product skills constantly provide solid feedback into new directions your product can take on. She consistently helps to further new ideas by challenging and improving them. Her communication skills and ability to think quickly on her feet are also major assets that would further any product development team she works for post graduation.
— Gerald Linn, IBM

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