Standard Rate Schedule


This rate schedule is effect as of 10/01/2013 and will not change until after 3/31/2017.

1. Consulting Services $150/hour.

When provided a la carte, consulting services are not subject to sales tax. Typical Consulting Services include:

a. Technical Interviews: Technical Interviews typically take around 1 hour and include both technical and interpersonal questions. An applicant assessment is then prepared and provided to the client.

b. Technology and Technical Advice: We act as a technical advisor, helping you navigate a variety of startup and technology decisions.

c. Teaching and Training: We provide both onsite and offsite training services for developers, prospective developers, and project managers.

d. Product and Project Management: We can plan and manage the development of your product, including story carding, development oversight, and quality assurance.

e. Code Reviews: We review the code provided to you by your developers and prospective partners, checking it for appropriate licensing, quality workmanship, and security.

2. Hourly Development Services.

Development services are subject to sales tax for clients in the state of Tennessee unless you provide us with a Certificate of Resale. Our rates for Hourly Development Services are as follows:

a. Senior Development $150/hour: Senior developers have 5+ years of professional experience and a depth of knowledge in one or more specialties, such as database development, user experience, or e-commerce.

b. Midlevel Development $85/hour: Midlevel developers are solid developers who are currently working on developing their specialty.

c. Junior Development $50/hour: Junior developers are apprentice developers that work under the oversight of one of our senior developers.

3. MVP Feature Development.

We also provide a special billing program for our clients that are seeking to build a MVP (minimum viable product). Our rates for MVP Feature Development are as follows:

a. Feature Points $300/feature point: We help you plan the project and then break that plan down into individual features, each of which has a point value (e.g. 1, 2, 3, etc.) based on its relative difficulty. Features are billed by the feature-point, allowing clients to pick and choose features based on their budget.

b. Other Development: Tasks that cannot be estimated in features shall be billed according to the appropriate Hourly Development Services rates, above.